Exhibitions, Screenings & Performances

Artist Residencies & Commissions:
Viewfinder: Disability Arts Online (Brighton), curator and film director, 2016-17
Anatomy Arts (Edinburgh), Associate Artist (multimedia performance), 2016
LGBT History Month Cultural Commission (Edinburgh), mentor and film director, 2013
Trongate 103 Arts Centre (Glasgow), artist in residence, September-December 2009
Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (Glasgow), artist in residence (ShOUT!), June-September 2009          
Banff Centre for the Arts (Banff, Alberta), writer and photographer in residence, September-October 2003
Canada-México Exchange Project (Mérida, México), writer and photographer in residence, June-July 2002

Curation (Selected):
Cachín Cachán Cachunga!, cabaret and visual art, Edinburgh/Glasgow, 2009-2019

Disabled and D/deaf LGBTQI+ Pride, live performances and film programmes, The Space, Glasgow, July 2018
BFI Flare – "Fighters of Demons, Makers of Cakes", film programme and panel, BFI Southbank, London, March 2018
Edinburgh Filmhouse/Film Hub Scotland – "Who's Your Dandy?", live performances and film programme, November 2017
Disability Arts Online/SICK! – "Unapologetic Self Portraits", film programme, 2016
SEEP II: Mirrors & Mires, visual art exhibition and live performances, Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, September 2014
Edinburgh Filmhouse – "Who's Your Dandy?", live performances and film programme, May 2014
SEEP: Fluidity in Body & Landscape, visual art exhibition and live performances, Media Education, Edinburgh, February 2014
B.A.N.G. Cabaret, live performances, Theatre Centre, Toronto, 2004
All About Us, live performances, Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto, 2002-03

Exhibitions (Solo or Lead Artist):
"A Spot of b)other", photography and film, Midlands Arts Centre, November 3-27, 2011, Birmingham
"A Spot of b)other", photography and film, Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, November 2009-February 2010, Glasgow
"Play", photography, Pteros Gallery/Contact Photography Festival, May 2002, Toronto

Exhibitions (Group):
"Trans*Homo", photography, Schwules Museum, Berlin, curator Justin Time, November 2012
"Tweet-Me-Up", video, Tate Modern, London,, curator Tracey Moberly, August 2012

Interdisciplinary Performances and Readings (Selected):
"Equivalence" (film, short story, dance), Who's Your Dandy?, Filmhouse, Edinburgh, November 2017
Stairs and Whispers Tour (performance poetry), Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh, September 2017
Stairs and Whispers Tour (performance poetry), Ledbury Poetry Festival, Ledbury, July 2017
Stairs and Whispers Tour (performance poetry), Last Word Festival, Roundhouse, London, May 2017

"Equivalence" (film, short story, dance), Transpose, Barbican, London, December 2016
"Equivalence" (film, short story, dance), Anatomy, Summerhall, Edinburgh, December 2016
VERSeFest (poetry, music, film), Knox Church, Ottawa, March 2014
Words Per Minute (poetry, music, film), Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburgh, August 2011
"Found In Translation" (poetry, music, film), Oxford Playhouse/Soho Theatre/Chroma Journal, Oxford/London, June 2009

"Poetry Is Not A Luxury" (poetry, art installation), MayWorks Festival/This Ain't the Rosedale Library, Toronto, May 2005
"Strange Attractors" (poetry, lighting design, dance), Hysteria /Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto, October 2004
"Other Me" (poetry, ballet, soundscape), Scream Festival, Trane Studio, Toronto, 2005
"Body Geometry: A Good Night Out" (poetry, projection, dance), The Theatre Centre, Toronto, December 2003

Short Films & Videos (direction and editing):
"I'm Not Your Inspiration 4: Liz" (2015, 14:48)
"I'm Not Your Inspiration 3: Maki" (2014, 9:47)
"I'm Not Your Inspiration 2: Alison" (2014, 9:07)
"I'm Not Your Inspiration 1: Nathan" (2013, 7:35)
"Weapons of Minor Destruction" (2012, 4:04)
"Able" (2010, 6:00)
"Hope Lives on the Other Side of Town" (2010, 2:19)
"Here: LGBT Migrants to Edinburgh" (2009, 27:00)
"Fingers" (2009, 2:30)           
"After Going Out" (2009, 2:12)
"Slippery" (2007, 1:55)

Selected Short Films & Videos (co-direction and collaborations):
"Long Lost Lover" (with Ania Urbanowska, 2017, BSL and English, 4:10)
"Bilingual Poet's Dilemma" (with Ania Urbanowska, 2017, BSL and English, 4:00)
"The Sword Swallower" (with Ania Urbanowska , 2017, 1:30)
"What Lies Beneath" (with Ania Urbanowska, 2017, 5:30)
"A Conversation With Tanja Erhart" (with Lisa Mattocks/Viewfinder, 2017, 14:23)
"A Conversation With Nadia Nadarajah" (with Lisa Mattocks/Viewfinder, 2017, BSL, 13:19)
"A Conversation With Robert Softley Gale" (with Lisa Mattocks/Viewfinder, 2017, 15:38)
"A Conversation With Bobby Baker" (with Lisa Mattocks/Viewfinder, 2017, 20:35)
"A Conversation With James 'the vacuum cleaner' Leadbitter" (with Lisa Mattocks/Viewfinder, 2017, 15:33)

Selected Screenings:
SQIFF (Glasgow), "Long Lost Lover"',"Bilingual Poet's Dilemma", December 2018
Entr'2 Marches (Cannes), "Long Lost Lover", May 2018
BFI Flare, BFI Southbank (London), "Long Lost Lover", March 2018
Who's Your Dandy?, Filmhouse (Edinburgh), "Long Lost Lover", November 2017
Tilde Trans & Gender Diverse Film Festival (Melbourne), "I'm Not Your Inspiration 3", October 2017
TransLations Seattle Transgender Film Festival, "I'm Not Your Inspiration 1", May 2017
Malmo Queer Film Festival: "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1, 2, 3, 4", April 2017

SICK! Festival (Brighton), "A Conversation With..." (all five films), March 2017
xart splitta (Berlin): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 4", November 2016
Feral Feminisms, online feature (Toronto): "Able", September 2016
SQIFF (Glasgow): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 2", September 2016
Ciclo Rosa (Bogotá): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1, 2", May 2016
BFI/SQIFF, Bernie Grant Arts Centre (London): "Fingers", December 2015
BFI/SQIFF, Dundee University (Dundee): "Fingers", December 2015
BFI/SQIFF, Eden Court (Inverness): "Fingers", November 2015
Glitch (Glasgow): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 3", March 2015
OUTsider Festival (Austin): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1, 2", February 2015
Together Disability Film Festival (London): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1", December 2014
Wotever Film Festival (London): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1, 2, 3", August 2014
Entzaubert Film Festival (Berlin): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1, 2, 3", July 2014

Pussy Whipped (Edinburgh): "Able", June 2014
Leeds Queer Film Festival (Leeds): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1, 3", June 2014
Transtastic, Birbeck Cinema (London): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1, 3", May 2014
SEEP, Media Education (Edinburgh): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 2, 3", February 2014
Entzaubert Film Festival (Berlin): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1", June 2013
Fringe! Film Fest (London): "I'm Not Your Inspiration 1", April 2013
macrobert (Stirling):"I'm Not Your Inspiration 1", February 2013
Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival (Los Angeles): "Slippery", November 2012
MIX Copenhagen (Copenhagen): "Trigger", October 2012
Tate Modern: "Tweet-Me-Up" (London): "After Going Out", "Able", August 2012
Entzaubert Film Festival (Berlin): "El Villano/The Villain", August 2012
San Francisco Transgender Film Festival (San Francisco): "Slippery", November 2011
Midlands Art Centre (Birmingham):"Trigger", "Here", "Fingers", November 3-27, 2011
SHOUT Festival (Birmingham): "Slippery", November 2011
Hot August Fringe (London):"El Villano/The Villain", August 2011
Entzaubert Film Festival (Berlin): "Slippery", July 2011
centred (London): "Fingers", December 2010
Entzaubert Film Festival (Berlin): "Here", July 2010
Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (Glasgow): "Here", "Fingers", November 2009-February 2010
GFest (London): "Slippery", November 2009

LGBT History Month Cultural Commission: Video Mentorship & Documentary Creation, 2013

LitLive, Canadian Review of Literature in Performance: 1st Prize LitVid Contest, "Fingers", 2012
Banff Centre/FONCA: Mexico Photography/Writing Residency & Scholarship, 2002-03
Ontario Arts Council: winner of Exhibition Assistance grant, 2002

Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, 2016-present

Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, Toronto, 2005-08

Toronto School of Art, Advanced Photography and Independent Study
University of Toronto Drama Programme, BA hons. graduate
School of Toronto Dance Theatre, advanced Graham technique