Sandra Alland
Selected Exhibitions & Screenings

Artist Residencies & Commissions:
Viewfinder – Disability Arts Online/SICK! Festival (Brighton/Manchester), 2016-17
Anatomy Arts (Edinburgh), June-December, 2016
Creative Scotland/LGBT History Month Scotland (Edinburgh), January-February 2013
Trongate 103 Arts Centre (Glasgow), September-December 2009
Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (Glasgow), June-September 2009          
Banff Centre for the Arts (Banff, Canada), September-October 2003
Canada-México Exchange Project (Mérida, México), June-July 2002

Selected Interdisciplinary Exhibitions (Solo or Lead Artist):
"A Spot of b)other", Midlands Arts Centre, November 3-27, 2011, Birmingham
"A Spot of b)other", Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, November 2009-February 2010, Glasgow
"Play", Pteros Gallery/Contact Photography Festival, May 2002, Toronto

Selected Interdisciplinary Exhibitions (Group):
"SEEP II: Mirrors & Mires", Patriothall Gallery (Edinburgh), curator Sandra Alland, September 2014
"SEEP: Fluidity in Body & Landscape", Media Education (Edinburgh), curator Sandra Alland, February 2014
"Trans*Homo", Schwules Museum (Berlin), curator Justin Time, November 2012
"Tweet-Me-Up", Tate Modern (London), curator Tracey Moberly, August 2012

Selected Interdisciplinary Performances:
"Equivalence", Who's Your Dandy?, Filmhouse (Edinburgh), 2017

"Equivalence", Transpose, Barbican (London), 2016
"Equivalence", Anatomy, Summerhall (Edinburgh), 2016
"Found In Translation", Oxford Playhouse/Soho Theatre (Oxford/London), 2009
"Body Geometry: A Good Night Out", The Theatre Centre (Toronto), 2003

Selected Awards:
Creative Scotland/LGBT History Month Commission: Video Mentorship & Documentary Creation, 2013

LitLive, Canadian Review of Literature in Performance: 1st Prize LitVid Contest, "Fingers", 2012
Ontario Arts Council: winner of 7 Writers’ Reserve arts grants, 2007
Banff Centre/FONCA: Mexico Photography/Writing Residency & Scholarship, 2002-03
Ontario Arts Council: winner of Exhibition Assistance grant, 2002

Selected Short Films & Videos (concept, direction, editing):
"I'm Not Your Inspiration 4: Liz C" (2015, 14:48)
"I'm Not Your Inspiration 3: Maki Yamazaki" (2014, 9:47)
"I'm Not Your Inspiration 2: Alison Smith" (2014, 9:07)
"I'm Not Your Inspiration 1: Nathan Gale" (2013, 7:35)
"Weapons of Minor Destruction" (2012, 4:04)
"Able" (2010, 6:00)
"Hope Lives on the Other Side of Town" (2010, 2:19)
"Here: LGBTQ+ Migrants to Edinburgh" (2009, 27:00)
"Fingers" (2009, 2:30)           
"After Going Out" (2009, 2:12)
"Slippery" (2007, 1:55)

Short Films & Videos (collaborations, co-direction):
"What Lies Beneath" (with Ania Urbanowska, 2017, BSL, 5:30)
"Long Lost Lover" (with Ania Urbanowska, 2017, BSL, 4:10)
"Bilingual Poet's Dilemma" (with Ania Urbanowska, 2017, BSL, 4:00)
"The Sword Swallower" (with Ania Urbanowska , 2017, 1:30)
"A Conversation With Tanja Erhart" (with Lisa Mattocks/Viewfinder, 2017, 14:23)
"A Conversation With Nadia Nadarajah" (with Lisa Mattocks/Viewfinder, 2017, BSL, 13:19)
"A Conversation With Robert Softley Gale" (with Lisa Mattocks/Viewfinder, 2017, 15:38)
"A Conversation With Bobby Baker" (with Lisa Mattocks/Viewfinder, 2017, 20:35)
"A Conversation With James Leadbitter (the vacuum cleaner)" (with Lisa Mattocks/Viewfinder, 2017, 15:33)
"Kettle's Boiling" (with Alison Smith, 2013, BSL, 3:20)
“The Tale of Divarov The Absent-Minded” (with Charles Coventry, 2013, 5:14) 
"El Villano/The Villain" (with Zorras, 2011, 10:30)
"Trigger" (with Zorras, 2011, 3:05)     

Selected Screenings:
Entr'2 Marches (Cannes), "Long Lost Lover", May 2018
BFI Flare, BFI Southbank (London), "Long Lost Lover", March 2018
Who's Your Dandy?, Filmhouse (Edinburgh), "Long Lost Lover", November 2017
Tilde Trans & Gender Diverse Film Festival (Melbourne), "I'm Not Your Inspiration 3", October 2017
TransLations Seattle Transgender Film Festival, "I'm Not Your Inspiration 1", May 2017
Malmo Queer Film Festival: "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1, 2, 3, 4", April 2017

Sick! Festival: "A Conversation With..." (all five films), March 2017
xart splitta (Berlin): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 4", November 2016
Feral Feminisms, online feature (Toronto): "Able", September 2016
SQIFF, CCA (Glasgow): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 2", September 2016
Ciclo Rosa (Bogotá): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1, 2", May 2016
BFI/SQIFF, Bernie Grant Arts Centre (London): "Fingers", December 2015
BFI/SQIFF, Dundee University (Dundee): "Fingers", December 2015
BFI/SQIFF, Eden Court (Inverness): "Fingers", November 2015
BFI/SQIFF, Glad Café (Glasgow): "Fingers", November 2015
Glitch, CCA (Glasgow): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 3", March 2015
OUTsider Festival (Austin): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1, 2", February 2015
Together Disability Film Festival (London): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1", December 2014
Wotever Film Festival (London): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1, 2, 3", August 2014
Entzaubert Film Festival (Berlin): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1, 2, 3", July 2014

Pussy Whipped (Edinburgh): "Able", June 2014
Leeds Queer Film Festival (Leeds): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1, 3", June 2014
Transtastic, Birbeck Cinema (London): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1, 3", May 2014
SEEP, Media Education (Edinburgh): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 2, 3", February 2014
Entzaubert Film Festival (Berlin): "I’m Not Your Inspiration 1", June 2013
Entzaubert Film Festival (Berlin): "Kettle’s Boiling", June 2013
Entzaubert Film Festival (Berlin): "The Tale of Divarov", June 2013
Fringe! Film Fest (London): "I'm Not Your Inspiration 1", April 2013
macrobert (Stirling):"I'm Not Your Inspiration 1", February 2013
macrobert (Stirling):"Kettle’s Boiling", February 2013
macrobert (Stirling):"The Tale of Divarov", February 2013
Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival (Los Angeles): "Slippery", November 2012
MIX Copenhagen (Copenhagen): "Trigger", October 2012
Tate Modern: "Tweet-Me-Up" (London): "After Going Out", August 2012
Tate Modern: "Tweet-Me-Up" (London): "Able", August 2012
Entzaubert Film Festival (Berlin): "El Villano/The Villain", August 2012
San Francisco Transgender Film Festival (San Francisco): "Slippery", November 2011
Midlands Art Centre (Birmingham):"Trigger", November 3-27, 2011
Midlands Art Centre (Birmingham):"Here", November 3-27, 2011
Midlands Art Centre (Birmingham):"Fingers", November 3-27, 2011
SHOUT Festival (Birmingham): "Slippery", November 2011
Hot August Fringe (London):"El Villano/The Villain", August 2011
Entzaubert Film Festival (Berlin): "Slippery", July 2011
centred (London): "Fingers", December 2010
Entzaubert Film Festival (Berlin): "Here", July 2010
Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (Glasgow): "Here", November 2009-February 2010
Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (Glasgow): "Fingers", November 2009-February 2010
GFest (London): "Slippery", November 2009