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Page 9 - "Blissful Times" - manipulated found text from Happy Days by Samuel Beckett

Below are brief explanations of the main way each poem relates back to the poem on Page 9
Page 10 - "Bfillssu Eimst" - arranged words alphabetically
Page 11 - "Fistful Rhymes" - replaced each word with a rhyme
Page 12  - "The Terrifying Nature of Intimacy" - thought about the poem in relation to the concept of translation between languages and lovers
Page 13 - "Blissful Times of the Month" - replaced each word with a cliché starting with that word, if one exists (using Oxford Dictionary of Clichés)
Page 14 - "After Flirting" - contemplated the poem after flirting  (this poem also employs  imagery and additional text from Happy Days)
Page 15 - "Tone" - translated into video
Page 16 - "Times Blissful" - rearranged words to alternate between shortest and longest
Page 17 - "Rain Dialogue 1" - translated into dialogue 
Page 18 - La época dichosa/A Poker Ditch House" - translated into Spanish (in five minutes) then translated back based on what the words look or sound like in English (homolinguistic)
Page 19 - "La época dichosa/Delightful Could Be Justice" - read Spanish translation from page 18 (in Spanish) into English-only voice-activated computer software
Page 20 - "Tilt" - acrostic translation based on title down left side of page
Page 21 - "Flip" - reverse acrostic based on title up left side of page
Page 22 - "Blissful Shillings" - replaced each word with its slang meaning, if it has one (using Routledge's Dictionary of Slang)
Page 23 - "Without an Umbrella" - considered the poem after a conversation with a friend's drunken boyfriend
Page 24 - "Befiillmssstu" - letters arranged alphabetically, recorded as sound poem
Page 25 - "Looking Back" - considered the poem while thinking about a past relationship
Page 26 - "After the Phone Call" - translated into concrete poem after a bad phone call
Page 27 - "Blissful Are Out Of Joint" - replaced each word with a euphemism starting with that word, then removed original word (using Oxford Dictionary of Euphemisms)
Page 28 - "Recent Disappointments" - considered the poem while hungry on Queen Street
Page 29 - "Blissful Times of India" - translated the title using "Google Talk," a system created by Douwe Osinga (
Page 30 - "Rain Dialogue 2" - see page 17
Page 31 - "Watching You Move" - considered the poem while watching people interact at a party
Page 32 - "After Going Out" - considered the poem after a strained party
Page 33 -  "Secrets of the Game, The" - replaced each word with the first two words that appeared in a Google search of that word
Page 34 - "Les temps délicieux/Temps Are Delicious" - translated into French using, then translated back based on on what the words look or sound like in English (homolinguistic)
Page 35 - "Les temps délicieux/Darned Game This Year" - read French translation from page 34 (in French) into English-only voice-activated computer software
Page 36 - "While at War" - considered the poem while Canada was (is) at war with Afghanistan (this poem also uses imagery from Happy Days)
Page 37 - "After the Phone Call 2" - translated into sound poem after a bad phone call
Page 38 - "Morose Once" - replaced each word (or phrase) with an antonym
Page 39 - "During an Election Campaign" - contemplated the poem during the 2006 Canadian federal election campaign (this poem also uses imagery from Happy Days)
Page 40 - "Measure" - translated into photos
Page 41 - "Rain Dialogue 3" - see page 17
Page 42 - "Mesopotamia" - mesotych translation based on title running down centre of poem
Page 43 - "M. le fils is Bust" - anagram translation using title
Page 44 - "Slim Blue Fists" - anagram translation using all letters in poem
Page 46 - "Tragedy's Dames" - replaced each word with a word containing the same number of letters
Page 47 - "Rain Dialogue 4" - see page 17
Page 48 - "Blindworm Timber Limit" - replaced each noun, verb, adjective and adverb with the word 6 words before or after it in the Gage Canadian Dictionary, 1983 (a variation of "N+7")
Page 49  - "Nagging Questions, 2005" - thought about the poem while travelling
Page 50 - "Rant" - a rant, informed by the poem, as delivered at Di Brandt's Ecopoetics Symposium; A Gathering of Women Poets at Brandon University, March 2006
Page 51 - "Blissful 2for1" - cut-up translation, using the left side of "Blissful Times" and the right side of "Wednesday 2for1" by Jorge Lara Rivera (translated from Spanish by me)
Page 52 - "After Her Suicide" - thought about the poem after the suicide of a friend
Page 53 - "B.L.I.S.S.F.U.L.T.I.M.E.S." - acronymic translation of title
Page 54 - "At the Halifax Pier" - translated into a concrete poem at the Halifax Harbour
Page 55 - "Rain Dialogue 5" - see page 17
Page 56 -"Anglo-Saxon Guidebook" - found poem from "Timeline of the English Language" in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, 2001
Page 57 - "During a Heat Wave" - thought about the poem in 43°C
Page 58 - "Channel Surfing" - thought about the poem while watching TV
Page 60 - "Good Old Days" -considered the poem while thinking about history
Page 61 - "Rain Dialogue 6" - see page 17
Page 62 - "While Studying the Anatomy of a Phrase" - considered the poem after discovering one of my relatives is (also) queer
Page 64 - "Slippery" - translated into video
Page 65 - "Between" - considered the poem in relation to my gender
Page 66 - "Seilful Tids/Sizeable Kids" - translated into Scots, then read into English-only voice-activated software
Page 67 - "Seilful Tids/Seizure Tides" - ran Scots translation from page 66 through spellcheck at (words that were actual words were joined to the words following them)
Page 68 - "(Ruined) Fantasy" - considered the poem while fantasizing
Page 69 - "While Reading Others" - a cento translation, created out of lines from poems by Juliana Spahr, d'bi.young, Goran Simic, Erín Moure, Eileen Myles, Rita Wong and Sapphire
Page 70 - "End" - telestich translation running title vertically down right side
Page 71 -"After Going Out 2" - as page 32, but translated into sound poem
Page 72 - "Rain Dialogue 7" - see page 17, also the last line is a phrase from Happy Days that I omitted from the original sequence in "Blissful Times"
Page 73 - "Times Blissful" - altered line order
Page 74 - "Into Breath" - the inhalations and exhalations required to read "Blissful Times"
Page 75 - Untitled - translated into diagram

With a deep tip of the hat to bpNIchol for Translating Translating Apollinaire.

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