Books & Chapbooks

Short Stories
Anything Not Measurable Is Not Real (Proper Tales Press) – September 2019, Cobourg, 40 pages
Here's To Wang (Forest Publications) – April 2009, Edinburgh, 16 pages

Naturally Speaking (espresso) – December 2012, Toronto, 32 pages
Blissful Times (Book*hug) – March 2007, Toronto, 80 pages
Proof of a Tongue (McGilligan Books) – October 2004, Toronto, 104 pages
The Mathematics of Love (13th Tiger Press) – February 2000, Toronto, 15 pages

Print Anthologies

Short Stories
We Were Always Here: A Queer Words Anthology (404 Ink), “Smudged” – January 2019, Edinburgh, 6 pages
Protest: Stories of Resistance (Comma Press), “Kick-Start” – June 2017, Manchester, 15 pages + audio
Thought X: Fictions and Hypotheticals (Comma Press), “Equivalence” – May 2017, Manchester, 8 pages
The Write Stuff (Pearson Canada), “I Know It’s Serious” – Spring 2013, Toronto, 2 pages
Can'tLit: Fearless Fiction (ECW Press), “Things I Don't Remember” – Autumn 2009, Toronto, 2 pages

Why Poetry?: Lunar Poetry Podcasts (Verve) – “When I Imagine the Sound of It”, Sept 2018, Birmingham, 1 page
Stairs and Whispers (Nine Arches) – “Audience”, “Unforgotten”, “Unparalleled...”, May 2017, Rugby, 3 pages + audio
#UntitledOne (Neu! Reekie!), “Tilt”, “Flip” – June 2015, Edinburgh, 2 pages
Naked Among Thistles (Stewed Rhubarb), “Homecoming™” – March 2014, Edinburgh, 3 pages
Catechism: Poems For Pussy Riot (English PEN), “Weapons of Minor Destruction” – Sept 2012, London UK, 2 pages + video
Rogue Stimulus (Mansfield Press), “Desperate Times” – March 2010, Toronto, 1 page
Cuatro Postigos (Cultural Institute of Yucatán, México) – April 2007, Mérida, translation of 40 poems
radiant danse uv being (Nightwood/blewointment), “Nearest Star”– April 2006, Vancouver, 1 page
Red Light: Superheroes, Saints, and Sluts (Arsenal Pulp Press), “Lipstick Boys” – Autumn 2005, Vancouver, 1 page
The Common Sky: Canadian Writers Against the War (Three Squares Press), “Up” – May 2003, Toronto, 1 page
Resist! (Fernwood Publishing), “A Kiss for the Riot Cop” – Autumn 2001, Black Point NS, 1 page
Aware in this (Flow Sundays), “Love:11”, “The Resurrection” – Autumn 1999, Hamilton (Bermuda), 2 pages

Outspoken (Playwrights Canada), “Strange Attractors” – Autumn 2009, Toronto, 4 pages

Essays and Arts Criticism
Imaginary Safe House (Frog Hollow Press / HA&L), "My Arrival at Crip: Poetic Histories..." – October 2019, Victoria, 19 pages
The Bi-ble: New Testimonials (Monstrous Regiment), “A Man, A Cane, An Awkward Title” – June 2019, Edinburgh, 9 pages
Stairs and Whispers (Nine Arches), “Nothing About Us Without Us, No One Left Behind” – May 2017, 7 pages + audio
The State of the Arts (Coach House), “Towards fair-trade Toronto lit” – November 2006, Toronto, 10 pages

Trans*Homo: differences, alliances, contradictions (NoNo Verlag), “Funder / Lawyer” – August 2012, Berlin, 2 pages
Testifyin': Comtemporary African Canadian Drama V II (Playwrights Canada), “Yagayah” – April 2003, Toronto, 1 page

Stairs and Whispers: D/deaf & Disabled Poets Write Back (Nine Arches), co-eds K. Barokka & D. Sluman – 264 pp, 2017
Some Poems by People I Like (sandraslittlebookshop): Chrystos, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, more – 60 pp, 2007
Silent Slam (sandraslittlebookshop): Beatriz Hausner, Kevin Connolly, Rosina Kazi, Jennifer LoveGrove, more – 32 pp, 2005
Broken Telephone/au téléphone (sandraslittlebookshop) – Fred Wah, Maleea Acker, Rosalie Favell, more – 24 pp, 2004

Online Anthologies

Fit to Work: Poets Against Atos, excerpts from Naturally Speaking – Spring 2013, London
Catechism: Poems For Pussy Riot (English PEN), “Weapons of Minor Destruction” – September 2012, London

Disability Arts Online: Guest Editor for all content, March-April 2020

New Scottish Poets (Jacket2): Lila Matsumoto, Nuala Watt, Colin Herd, Jim Ferguson, more – 10 pp, 2012
More Poems by People I Like: Trish Salah, nick-e melville, Riley Skelton-Chedore, Gord Disley, more – 2008-10

Print Magazines & Journals

Short Stories

Gutter Magazine, “Water,logged” – Spring 2019, Glasgow, 2 pages
subTerrain magazine, “Chance” – Spring 2014, Vancouver, 1 page
dead (g)end(er) Magazine, “The Mistake” – Spring 2012, Saint Catharines, 2 pages
Gutter Magazine, “Air” – Winter 2012, Glasgow, 3 pages
Gutter Magazine, “The Mothers” – Summer 2011, Glasgow, 1 page
Chroma Journal, “Inhale” – Summer 2010, London UK, 3 pages
Broken Pencil, “Things I Don't Remember” – Autumn 2007, Toronto, 2 pages
This Magazine, “I Know It's Serious” – September 2007, Toronto, 1 page
The Fence, “This Thing” – Summer 2007, Toronto, 1 page
dig., “Tomorrow Is, After All” – May 2007, Toronto, 2 pages

Zarf, “We Especially Welcome Submissions from Writers Who Are... (No Poetry)” – January 2020, Glasgow, 1 page
SCREE, “Colonial Inferiority”, “Homecoming™” – Summer 2011, Edinburgh, 2 pages
anything anymore anywhere, “J'ai faim” – Spring 2011, Edinburgh, 5 pages + video
Chroma Journal, “Ambilingual” – Winter 2008, London UK, 1 page
make/shift, “Argh”, “Weapons of Minor Destruction” – Spring 2008, Venice CA, 1 page
Tower of Babble, “The Terrifying Nature of Intimacy” – Autumn 2007, Glasgow, 1 page
Kiss Machine, “Goodbye 1” – Fall 2007, Toronto, 1 page
twaddle, “Instability in a Gay Theatre and Feminine Debut” –  March 2007, Toronto, 1 page
Rampike, excerpts from Blissful Times – Spring 2006, Sault Ste Marie, 2 pages
Alucema Review, “Don’t Trust the Postcards” – Spring 2006, Spain, 1 page
Eldigoras, “Ir por aire/Up For Air” – Spring 2004, Spain, 1 page
Literary Review of Canada, “Reasons to Stay #2” – Winter 2004, Toronto, 1 page
Shameless, “Heavy” – September 2004, Toronto, 1 page
This Magazine, “It Could Have Been Mad Chicken” – March 2004, Toronto, 1 page
Navegaciones zur, “Razones para permanacer” – Spring 2003, Mérida, México, 1 page
Taddle Creek, “SASE” – Winter 2001, Toronto, 1 page
Prism International, “Ma Naissance (My Birth)” – Winter 1999, Vancouver, 2 pages

Anything That Moves, “Mathematics of Love” – Summer 1999, San Francisco, 1 page
Canadian Woman Studies, “The Rise of the PCs” – Summer/Fall 1998, Toronto, 1 page

Zygote,  “Lineage” – Summer/Fall 1998, Winnipeg, 1 page

Essays and Arts Criticism
Feral Feminisms (Toronto), “Notes on 'Able' and Accessible Filmmaking” – June 2016, 7 pages
Xtra! (Toronto), regular reviewer of theatre, performance & books – 2005-08
NOW Magazine (Toronto), freelance books reviewer – 2006-07

Online Magazines & Journals

Short Stories
The Deaf Poets Society, “Personal Assistant” (text & audio versions) – March 2019, United States
British Council Discover Project, “Boost” (text & audio versions) – March 2018, London/Istanbul
Cosmonauts Avenue, “Toronto” – September 2016, Montréal
subTerrain magazine, “Chance” – Spring 2014, Vancouver

The Week Shall Inherit The Verse, “The Question” – Summer 2012, Cobourg
Matrix Magazine, “After Going Out”, “After The Phone Call” – Spring 2010, Montréal
Drunken Boat (now Anomaly), excerpts from Blissful Times – Winter 2008, Boston
Lemon Hound, excerpts from Blissful Times – November 2007 – Montréal

Essays and Arts Criticism
HA&L (Hamilton), “My Arrival at Crip: Poetic Histories of Disability“ (text & audio versions), Autumn 2019
Disability Arts Online (Brighton), “'Quality' and the Marginalised Artist” (text & audio versions), four articles, 2018-19
Disability Arts Online (Brighton), regular arts reviewer – 2016-20
Disability Arts International/British Council (Brighton), “Captioning in the Performing Arts” – December 2018
Feral Feminisms (Toronto), “Notes on 'Able' and Accessible Filmmaking” – June 2016
Xtra! (Toronto), regular arts reviewer – 2005-08
NOW Magazine (Toronto), freelance books reviewer – 2006-07

Literary Awards & Grants

Canada Council Grant 2019 – stories: Anything Not Measurable Is Not Real launches (Arts Across Canada)
bpNichol Chapbook Award 2013 – co-winner: Naturally Speaking (Meet The Presses, Toronto)
Chroma Literary Journal Contest 2008 – 3rd Prize: Poetry (Betsy Warland, London)
Broken Pencil May 2008 Zine of the Month – winner: Some Poems By People I Like (Toronto)
Ontario Arts Council Grants 2007 – stories (Writer’s Reserve/Broken Pencil/Insomniac)
Ontario Arts Council Grants 2006 – stories (Writer’s Reserve/Coach House/Cormorant/Sumach/Mercury/Kiss Machine)
Toronto Arts Council Grant 2004 – poetry (Grants To Writers Level Two)
Ontario Arts Council Grant 2004 – poetry (Writer's Reserve/McGilligan Books)
Toronto Arts Council Grant 2002 – poetry (Grants To Writers Level One)
Canada Council/FONCA Grants 2002-03 – Banff Centre/Mexico Literature & Photography residency and scholarship

Multimedia Poetry Collaborations

2014-16: They They Theys, group founder and member, performance poet and megaphonist
2007-13: Zorras, group founder and member, performance poet and megaphonist

Notable Festivals, Readings, Panels

2019: Bi Arts Festival (Buddies in Bad Times, Toronto); Glasgow Autonomous Space; Feminist Methods In Action (Strathclyde U)
2017: Last Words (Roundhouse, London); Ledbury Festival; Scottish Poetry Library (Edinburgh); Transmission (Glasgow)
2016: Arts & Precarity (Glasgow University); Transpose (Barbican, London); Anatomy (Summerhall, Edinburgh)
2015: Fail Better (Glasgow); LeithLate (Edinburgh); Neu! Reekie! (Edinburgh); Independent Social Research Fdtn (Edinburgh)

2014: VERSeFest (Ottawa); SLS/LitPop (Montréal); Who's Your Dandy? (Edinburgh Filmhouse); Inky Fingers (Edinburgh)
2013: Transpose: Hallowe'en Edition (London); Entzaubert Arts Collective (Berlin)

2012: AvantGarden (Toronto); Impossible Words (Toronto); The Art Bar (Toronto); Neu! Reekie! (Scottish Book Trust, Edina)
2011: Edinburgh Book Festival; Jawdance (Rich Mix, London), Conversify (U of Edinburgh); Arches (Glasgow); Influency (UofT)
2010: Words Per Minute (Glasgow); Throat Cuts Not Bonus Cuts (Roxy, Edina); LabCab (Toronto); Kingston Writer's Festival
2009: Aye Write! Festival (Glasgow); Soho Theatre (London, with Oxford Playhouse); Noisy Nights (Traverse, Edinburgh)
2008: West Port Book Festival (Edinburgh); Manifesto Kabaret (Tron Theatre, Glasgow); The Golden Hour (Forest, Edinburgh)

2007: Ottawa International Writers' Festival; Test Reading Series (Toronto); Who's Your Dandy? (Edinburgh)


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