They They Theys


" * * * * * " 
– The Skinny, Glasgow/Edinburgh

They They Theys are poet Sandra Alland and musicians Chris Red and Nathan Gale. They are sometimes accompanied by the stunning films of Ania Urbanowska. Their debut performance at 'SEEP: Fluidity in Body & Landscape' received 5 stars from The Skinny, and The Student said: 'They They Theys are at once a band, a film and a poem. A beautifully shot film, carefully orchestrated with Sandra Alland's words, and strings, a harmonica, percussion and an oboe, touches on the issue of bodily fluidity whilst also allowing itself to be a startling piece of art.'

They They Theys have played at SEEP, Who's Your Dandy? (Edinburgh Filmhouse), Elvis Shakespeare/Leith Late, Free Pride, Fail Better and Arts & Precarity Cabaret. Theys appeared on film as part of Sandra Alland's live short story reading with film, 'Equivalence' (Transpose Baribican, Anatomy Summerhall).

Your gig must be wheelchair-accessible (including the toilets), and actively anti-racist/classist/sexist/ableist/trans-bi-homo-phobic for us to play it. We would also love it if you hired a BSL interpreter, and have captioning and audio description.

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