They They Theys


" * * * * * " 
– The Skinny, Glasgow/Edinburgh

They They Theys are poet Sandra Alland and musicians Chris Red, M Lawrence and Nathan Gale. They are sometimes accompanied by the stunning films of Ania Urbanowska. Their debut performance at 'SEEP: Fluidity in Body & Landscape' received 5 stars from The Skinny, and The Student said: 'They They Theys are at once a band, a film and a poem. A beautifully shot film, carefully orchestrated with Sandra Alland's words, and strings, a harmonica, percussion and an oboe, touches on the issue of bodily fluidity whilst also allowing itself to be a startling piece of art.'

They They Theys have played at SEEP, Who's Your Dandy? (Edinburgh Filmhouse), Elvis Shakespeare/Leith Late, Free Pride, Fail Better and Arts & Precarity Cabaret. Theys appeared on film as part of Sandra Alland's live short story reading with film, 'Equivalence' (Transpose/Barbican, Anatomy/Summerhall, Edinburgh Filmhouse).

Your gig must be wheelchair-accessible (including the toilets), and actively anti-racist/classist/sexist/ableist/trans-bi-homo-misic for us to play it. We would also love it if you hired a BSL interpreter, and have captioning and audio description.

Video (with BSL):

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