Reviews of San's Work


Thought X is based upon a standout idea – and is executed to near-perfection…
It would be criminal to not mention 'Equivalence' by Sandra Alland... simply breath-taking.”

Bookmunch, Tamim Sadikali, July 2017, Thought X (Comma Press)


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The rich buffet of art and sense of community the experience provides is difficult to match elsewhere... The audio description and BSL don't feel at all laboured; both provoke a questioning of language and add to the experience, as do the alternative interpretations each artist provided – these were either edible, tactile or audible...
Exhilarating, and commendable.

* * * * * (five stars)

– The Skinny (Edinburgh/Glasgow), March 2014,
SEEP: Fluidity in Body and Landscape (curated by Sandra Alland)


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